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2015: Can you buy-low on Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck right now?

If you play in dynasty fantasy football leagues, well, then you know that many fantasy owners often get emotional after losing a league. Thus, the crafty fantasy football owner can take advantage of this by buying low on players that recently disappointed certain fantasy football owners.

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck, despite having solid fantasy football seasons in 2014, disappointed fantasy worlds when push came to shove. Rodgers finished the season kind of rough, passing for just 185 yards and 0TDs (2INTs) in Week 15, and he only threw for 3TDs combine in Weeks 16 and 17. Toss in a disappointing final playoff game (22-28 loss to Seattle) and you might have some fantasy owners not thinking clearly when it comes to retaining the passer. Will you steal him away from the current owner? No. That isn’t likely. However, can you buy the 45TD-capable passer at a value you won’t be able to even sniff come August? I say yes, at least in some cases. So, try taking a stab at acquiring Rodgers on the cheap, and cheap is outside the top 15 overall value (vs. where he should be, which is top 5-10 overall value).

Andrew Luck

The same can be said for Andrew Luck, who just disappointed Colts fans in general via his team’s 45-7 Conference Championship loss to New England. Plus, Luck went from dropping some insane fantasy football numbers early on in 2014 (300+ and 2-4TD games) to throwing 187, 109 and 160 yards in Weeks 15-17. And, again, toss in his last playoff performance, you’re looking at some doubt being entered into the equation. Again, like with Rodgers above, you won’t steal him away from his current fantasy owner, however, I can certainly envision it being an easier task acquiring Luck after all of this consistent disappointment.


No one is going to give away either Aaron Rodgers or Andrew Luck in 2015 fantasy football dynasty leagues, but now is the time to try and acquire these guys in dynasty given they are coming off disappointing finishes to their 2014 fantasy football seasons. They are rock-solid locks as 40TD-capable passers moving forward, and both arguably have top 5-10 overall value in any format you look at. You might be able to acquire both at top 15 overall value, which is a huge, huge advantage if you can pull it off!

2015: Will Teddy Bridgewater throws 54 MPH?

We love bringing all of you useful fantasy football resources/links, and these Sports Science videos help identify some of the hidden measurables in upcoming NFL athletes. Teddy Bridgewater could be in for a big 2015 NFL season, and while he will need Cordarrelle Patterson to take that next step, there is a lot to be excited about with Bridgewater, and this video is a reminder of some of those things. Buy-low in all of your 2015 fantasy football leagues.

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2015: Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet?

Here at Fantasy Football Help, we want to bring you all of the top resources in the fantasy football industry so that you can dominate your 2015 fantasy football league(s). In that, we like to bring you interesting articles/resources around the industry, and this Sports Science piece (created back in 2013) is a good reminder how physically gifted Cordarrelle Patterson is. And, in that, it’s important to remember that not every receiver reaches their ‘elite’ potential until their third NFL season, and the 2015 NFL season will be Patterson’s third. Even Dez Bryant, who ironically is mentioned in this video as a comparable for Patterson, didn’t impress fantasy worlds until his third season.

Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet, and in fact, buy-low. And, watch this video below if you’re prematurely writing him off after just two NFL seasons:

2013 Fantasy Football Draft: Adrian Peterson Should Be First Pick

Now that the NFL Draft has concluded and we begin to look forward at our upcoming Fantasy football drafts visualizing what we want our 2013 fantasy squad to look like, we mull through the variety of draft rankings, pin pointing players in each round that we feel will comprise our next championship fantasy team. A trend began in 2006, a trend that saw an increase production in the Quarterback and wide receiver play as NFL teams were opting for more of an aerial game pushing the ball down field with speed and accuracy parting ways with the ground and pound philosophy thus leaving a full back as an antiquated position and replacing him for an additional TE in what we are now seeing much of in the 12 personnel set, but all is not lost as the tail back is still a critical part of an offense especially the pass catching back. As there are still few that will get theirs. Marshawn Lynch and Doug Martin will still receive the lion’s share of their teams carries as will a perennial stud running back, Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson.

The term ‘Chasing Ghost’ is used to describe drafting a player based off of his prior years exceptional performance in hopes of recapturing the same results or better in the following year. Typically they fail to produce to your expectations for one reason or another.
Why Adrian Peterson should not be the first pick in your 2013 Fantasy football draft, really I can’t think of a good reason? He has defied history and all statistical logic. Typically when we see a running-back that has had 300 plus carries in consecutive years we expect diminished stats in the following year’s production.

2008 -363 att 1,700 yards 10 TD’s.
2009 -314 ATT 1,300 yards 18 TD’s
2010- 283 ATT 1,298 yards 12 TD’s

As the data shows there is a decrease in attempts and yards but TD’s held true so however the decrease, A.P is still providing top quality production.

With A.P shredding three of the four ligament in his knee in 2011 we pretty much wrote him off for the 2012 season, nine months removed from a complete knee rebuild repairing the ACL, MCL and LCL A.P enters training camp and by mid-August he is running lateral drills in a sand pit? That raised many an eye-brow, we sat up and took notice, I was in disbelief, how can that be? Then September comes and A.P is ready to play, starts 16 games and ends the season on the cusp of breaking Dickerson rushing record racking 2,097 yards on 348 Attempts and 12 TD’s . Now what say you? Unprecedented! History does indicate a drop in production but when you look at the overall big picture a six year career average 292 attempt – 1,474 yards and 12 TD’s is solid and would work just fine for me. Chasing Ghost may apply to all others, but not here. So if Peterson does pull off another spectacular season in 2013 we will just have to wait until 2015 to see if he will defy the 30 year old running-back theory. Until then you cannot doubt the man, the player, the best running-back in the league.