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2015: Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet?

Here at Fantasy Football Help, we want to bring you all of the top resources in the fantasy football industry so that you can dominate your 2015 fantasy football league(s). In that, we like to bring you interesting articles/resources around the industry, and this Sports Science piece (created back in 2013) is a good reminder how physically gifted Cordarrelle Patterson is. And, in that, it’s important to remember that not every receiver reaches their ‘elite’ potential until their third NFL season, and the 2015 NFL season will be Patterson’s third. Even Dez Bryant, who ironically is mentioned in this video as a comparable for Patterson, didn’t impress fantasy worlds until his third season.

Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet, and in fact, buy-low. And, watch this video below if you’re prematurely writing him off after just two NFL seasons:

Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald: Not Top 10 Fantasy WR’s in 2013?

I recently completed an article naming my top 10 players in the early 2013 fantasy football Wide Receivers rankings and was amazed at some of the players who didn’t make the list. Now it’s just a simple fact that there are going to be some who don’t crack the top 10, but the quality of players who didn’t make it on the list is strong.

For example, Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson didn’t make the top 10. All Johnson did in 2012 was to be second in fantasy points scored in standard scoring systems at the WR position. He set a new career high with 1,598 receiving yards and caught 112 passes. But he scored only 4 TD’s, and has never reached 10 TD’s at any point in his 10 year career. Johnson still possesses size, strength, and smarts on the field, but his speed and playmaking abilities are in decline. With it appearing the Texans aren’t going to make WR a priority in free agency (despite the fact they really should as Johnson has never had a strong complementary WR opposite him) it’s hard to imagine Johnson having 1,500 yards again entering his age 32 campaign on a team that is much more about their power rushing attack than it is lighting it up thru the air.

Another example is Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald. In terms of pure talent and skills, only Calvin Johnson is better in the entire NFL at the WR position. In fantasy football, Fitzgerald has usually been amongst the elite producers, but not even Fitz could make up for the worst QB situation in the league in 2012 after Kevin Kolb went down (Fitz did catch 32 passes for 367 yards and 3 TD’s in Kolb’s 5 starts; he caught 49 passes for 431 yards and 1 TD the other 11 games started by other Cardinals QB’s). It certainly has to be better in 2013, but enough for Fitz to regain fantasy stardom? It’s hard to bet on it when there are so many other high quality WR’s in better situations.

Now, Johnson and Fitzgerald are names fantasy owners are used to seeing high on fantasy football rankings each season. But another guy who didn’t make the list, but probably is going to be considered by many t be a top 10 heading into the season is Green Bay’s Randall Cobb.

Cobb came on strong in 2012 despite starting the season as the Packers 3rd or 4th WR. His 80 catches for 954 yards and 8 TD’s are impressive and show promise of things to come, but I am concerned about Cobb possibly suffering the same type of letdown Jordy Nelson experienced in 2012 after an impressive 2011 campaign. The Packers have so many weapons to throw the ball to. In 2012 Cobb didn’t have a single game with both over 100 receiving yards and a TD. Cobb has more of the feel of a guy who is going to be a high upside fantasy WR2 in 2013 and likely to be drafted higher based on unrealistic expectation.

2013 Free Agent TE’s

There are some very intriguing names on the 2013 NFL free agent Tight Ends list. Nobody saw Oakland’s Brandon Myers having 79 catches for 806 yards and 4 TD’s at the beginning of the year. He’s definitely a player who will cash in being a free agent. Washington’s Fred Davis needs to prove he’s over his torn Achilles and likely will only garner a one year “prove it” type of contract despite having immense talent. Dustin Keller must be chomping at the bit to get out of New York and be away from the Jets QB situation.

The stories are many to be found at the position in 2013.

But there are 3 guys who offer some great intrigue amongst the list of available TE’s this year. It’s going to be “prove it” time for them in what could be the make or break free agent contracts they’ll likely get.

Jared Cook could boom or bust in 2013 as a free agent

Jared Cook: Few TE’s have been as big a fantasy tease as Cook the last 3 seasons. After a 2009 rookie season that produced little, Cook was talked up as being a physical specimen who could challenge for top TE numbers. Each of the last 3 seasons we’ve heard how this was going to the year Cook was going to ascend the TE rankings, but it hasn’t happened. As I’ve stated before, it’s a crapshoot for NFL teams to pay big dollars to guys who have potential, but haven’t proven it on the field. Cook is going to get a lot of buzz, and maybe in the right situation he’ll finally realize his potential, but he’s amongst the biggest risks at the position this season.

Martellus Bennett: After 4 seasons of being talked up in Dallas, Bennett signed a one year deal with the NY Giants in 2012 and proceeded to live up to previous season’s hype. Now supposedly, he struggled with a weight issue early in training camp but his production on the field was solid and when healthy, he was a mismatch for many opponents. He’s likely to get a multi-year deal somewhere and get paid good money, but not great money as he carries some baggage and you have to wonder if his great 2012 was a product of playing for a contract.

Delanie Walker: Walker is a bit of an enigma in that he has always flashed potential and produced when the 49ers have gotten him involved in their offense, but they rarely seem to use him as much as he deserved. Walker has been versatile producing when they’ve thrown him the ball, and also being a very good blocker and H-back type. But if he were to be used as a pass catching TE, I think Walker could really surprise many as he has the skills.

Free Agent WR’s 2013: Very Top Heavy

The 2013 NFL Free Agent Wide Receivers class is a top heavy group with a clear top 7. Unfortunately, two of the top 7 (Victor Cruz and Danario Alexander) are restricted free agents and are very unlikely to go anywhere. It’s hard to imagine the Giants letting Cruz go after he has proven to be a playmaker in their offense. It’s also difficult to imagine the Chargers letting Alexander go anywhere after provided the big play spark at the position they were originally hoping to get out of their 2012 free agent WR signee, Robert Meachem.

Meachem’s story is a precautionary tale for those NFL teams that gamble on a players potential over his on field production. After 5 years of flashing his potential but never getting his game to match on a consistent basis in New Orleans, San Diego signed Meachem to a 4 year, $25.9 million deal as an unrestricted free agent in 2012. The Chargers then proceeded to watch him drop passes, run poor routes, and finish with a pitiful 14 receptions for 207 yards and 2 TD’s in 14 games. Meachem has a chunk of guaranteed money left to be paid in 2013 so he isn’t going anywhere. But he was clearly outplayed Alexander and had been benched by the end of the year.

The 2013 free agent WR’s promise to have some Meachem’s, but there are also some very high quality guys. Here’s a look at some of the top names and where they could end up:

Mike Wallace

Best Fit: Houston Texans

Why? The Texans desperately need another WR opposite Andre Johnson. They have some young guys, but nobody that is a real threat to stretch the field. Johnson is no longer a true deep threat and in order for Matt Schaub to get Houston to the next level, he needs a true deep threat. Wallace would fit that bill to a tee.

Greg Jennings to Miami could be the right move for both sides

Greg Jennings

Best Fit: Miami Dolphins

Why? This is a natural fit for both player and team as Miami needs an infusion of talent at WR and Jennings knows the system Joe Philbin runs. Ryan Tannehill showed promise last year, but with precious few playmakers to throw the ball to. Jennings would step in and provide both veteran leadership, and playmaking ability.

Danny Amendola

Best Fit: New England Patriots

Why? If the Patriots let Wes Welker go, Amendola makes so much sense as his replacement it’s ridiculous. Amendola is nearly a carbon copy of Welker in almost every way, only he’s 4 years younger and two inches taller. In terms of type of game, both are prolific pass catchers who run precise routes and just have a knack for finding the open spot against almost every defense. If the Patriots let Welker go, and sign Amendola for less money than what Welker wanted, I don’t see them missing Welker at all.