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2015: Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet?

Here at Fantasy Football Help, we want to bring you all of the top resources in the fantasy football industry so that you can dominate your 2015 fantasy football league(s). In that, we like to bring you interesting articles/resources around the industry, and this Sports Science piece (created back in 2013) is a good reminder how physically gifted Cordarrelle Patterson is. And, in that, it’s important to remember that not every receiver reaches their ‘elite’ potential until their third NFL season, and the 2015 NFL season will be Patterson’s third. Even Dez Bryant, who ironically is mentioned in this video as a comparable for Patterson, didn’t impress fantasy worlds until his third season.

Don’t give up on Cordarrelle Patterson just yet, and in fact, buy-low. And, watch this video below if you’re prematurely writing him off after just two NFL seasons: